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NAAP (National Association of Activity Professionals)
NAAP/MN SWAP State Contact: Pamela Hayle

The MN SWAP Education-chairperson/NAAP state contact attends the NAAP annual conference held every spring. MN SWAP members interested in attending the NAAP conference may qualify for a NAAP Scholarship. Visit NAAP's website for more information.


NAAPCC (National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center)

This organization offers an alternative activity professional certification.  They were founded in 2011 and certify at 2 levels Activity Director Board Certified, and Activity Consultant Board Certified. MN SWAP wants members to be aware of this option and will provide full support including more information when NAAPCC has obtained official board certification status..

For the latest newsletter and more information on the NAAPCC click here


NCCAP National Certification Council for Activity Professionals

Address: PO Box 62589
Virginia Beach, VA 23466
Phone: 757-552-0653
NCCAP/MN SWAP State Contact: Julie Reginek

The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals is a credentialing organization that certifies activity professionals in the following areas; Activity Assistant, Activity Director and Activity Consultant. Each area has minimum track requirements that an individual must meet to qualify for certification. These requirements include education, activity work experience and continuing education. Specialization certification in the areas of Memory Care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Services, and Education are also available. To find out which track you qualify for or more information on the specialization options, visit NCCAP’s website, or contact Julie Reginek, Minnesota’s state contact person for assistance.

NCCAP National Exam Update
Effective January 1, 2012, all new Activity Director and Activity Consultant certification applicants will need to pass a national exam in addition to the requried education, work experience, and continuing education. This is only applicable for new certifications. If you are currently certified by NCCAP, this does not apply to recertification. For more information contact NCCAP or visit their website.